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Welcome to Extreme Wrestling Association. So guys, I am the owner here and you can see that is an e-fed and I sincerely hope you guys join and have fun. This wont take much too much time to get familiar with. There will be 2 cycles of the shows before each PPV, The shows will be, "Justice", "Beatdown" and "Renegade". There will be 12 PPVs each year, and notice this the shows wont be held on real days, it will be held everyday and it will be made to look like its being held every week. If you need more info, ask me on chat or on


Day Show GM
Monday Justice Trent Carbine
Thursday Beatdown Trent Carbine
Friday Renegade Jason T


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  • European Championship
  • Blood Warrior Championship
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So, we are starting in kayfabe year 2012. As of right now, Lair of the unfair is the biggest PPV of EWA. In July, There will be two PPVs in the same month. We will do 2 cycles of the shows to get to a PPV.

Month PPV
January Hard to Live
February Fright Night
April Lair of the unfair
May Extremefest
June Gateway to Doom
July Illusion, Dragged to Hell
August War of the titans
September Revenge
October Global Warning
December Graveyard